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In 2013, the University of Oxford published a study according to which in the next 25 years, 47% of jobs were at risk of being automated, mechanized. These estimates have become reality nowadays !
Trading platforms have been created all over the world. And old problems related to sales processes have been solved. But then, another problem appeared… : …with the increase in the number of marketplaces, the problem has become the exact opposite. There are very many commerce aggregators, such as E-Bay, Amazon, Ali Baba and many others… ===> …and there are not enough customers to satisfy everyone…!
The battle for customers… The war to find consumers has begun and cashback is one of the strategies used in this battle…
Aggregators pay a commission to attract customers. People call it “cashback”.
Social networks, and the analysis of queries on search engines, make it possible to predict the future demand (from customers) in advance. This is the Global Analysis of Market Flows, with the Marketbot…
How does it work ?
1 – You determine the allocated advertising budget.
2 – Marketbot selects the most relevant products, finds them at
best price, with maximum cashback offered in return, and buys
high-end advertising spaces…
3 – You then get up to 15% on each purchase made…
Benefit :
* A reliable company
* Truly innovative technology
* No specific knowledge required
* Current usage statistics available at any time
* All means implemented in total transparency
* Works 7 days a week on 7 and 24 hours a day on 24
* Cashback payment is logged
Activate your robot now and get up to more than 30% bonus in one month compared to your initial advertising budget… !
* scientific studies
* Artificial Intelligence (AI)
* Internet Marketing
And you will have on request all the legal information related to the registration of this company, in accordance with current international standards…

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